Entry #1

First time here :O

2013-03-28 11:11:00 by freqrexy

Okay, so after spending a long time hearing tunes here, I guess I'll finally sign up. I'm Rexy, I have been making remixes for quite a long time, and I would like to take the time to finally join this place. Sure, I've shared my audio through various outlets in the past, but can't hurt to have another :D

You may remember me from such great past OC Remix album releases including Threshold of a Dream (Link's Awakening), The Sound of Speed (Sonic 1), Back In Blue (Mega Man 9) and the highly-regarded Project Chaos (Sonic 3 & Knuckles). Even if you haven't, you'll need to hear what I've done anyway - I'm capable of arranging in many different styles, I often accompany releases with video footage on Youtube, and I am just a fun person to be around.

I even enjoy listening to others' new material as well - for the past few months now I have used Newgrounds to mainly look for new Sega-based remixes to plug on SEGA Mixer Drive, a remix show I run every Friday night at RadioSEGA. I even play some great submissions from it onto the show itself from time to time too, and even if there isn't, we'd still have a jolly old time.

So let's see how this thing goes - thank you for looking into this introductary post! :)


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2013-03-28 11:26:42

Welcome to NG. Let's see what you're made of. ;)


2013-03-28 11:49:14

Welcome - you got some good competition from great artist such as :

and many more buts theres always room for other great artists :P


2013-03-28 15:16:07

By the way. Tom Fulp made this fuckin cool site.


2013-03-28 16:07:42

Welcome to New grounds