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Personally I don't get the appeal behind this - a weird photo taken to huge flashing lights. Seemed more like a tech demo if anything. But I do definitely appreciate the time taken to the audio synchronisation and the detail taken to the effect work, so it's still alright.

Oh btw... are you the same Gerkinman that used to post at OverLooked ReMiX? Your name sounds familiar... :P

Gerkinman responds:

ha ha, yeah, I am MC Gerkin. I miss making music... :(

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Not so much raw DnB but more like hints of DnB fused with Ska... which isn't a bad thing at all x)

For a first attempt at this sort of thing, it actually isn't bad - appropriate instrumentation, great flow, and managed to show its greatest energy when the melody ends up as the primary focus. Those are pretty good arrangement ideas for sure.

Can't say I was particularly keen about some of your low-key transitions here, or rather that outside of the progression it felt more like a 2-loop variation of the theme given the DnB treatment. You do however tend to acknowledge your mastering weakness a bit here - for the most part it actually sounds fine, though one tip for the future is that your individual parts need to be a lot less muddy. In fact, everything except the kick would benefit with high-passes around their general frequency (e.g. snare's case, around 200-300hz, hihats around 5k depending on pitch); not only would they have more of a punch, but it also gives the other instruments around that range some time to come out themselves.

Hopefully this comes out okay - nice work either way :)

danyool777 responds:

Thanks for the indepth review
Ive always loved dnb and wanted to make something like it. If i do make more ill definitly take the advice you have given.
Thanks again :)

Gotta have to say, really love the arrangement and ideas here - didn't think I'd hear Green Hill interpreted like this. The piano writing and saxophone solo work is very good, and left a lot of room for being wowed here - very solid stuff.

However, the GM soundbank / muddy mixing really hurts the production a lot, especially considering what's available to write with today. It's generally more exposed on the drums more than the other instruments, and so would benefit from looking around for any free VSTs that may give this a lift. It's a shame, because otherwise the composition is just really, really nice.

Production-wise, it's muddy and unclear and the mix can be too quiet for its own good. Your sounds are fine, just that I feel you need some work with the general panning and EQ (which is a difficult subject, I understand) to really make things stand out and feel much sharper.

Getting that out of the way though: arrangement was very nostalgic, handled the source material well and its legacy throughout the Sonic series. It may play safe, but it didn't need to dive too far if staying true to the original's meaning was your decision. Definitely not bad at all!

For the record: I found Green Hills (Sonic 2 GG), Mecha Green Hill (Sonic Chaos) and a hint of the title screen version in Sonic CD. If there were 4 other cameos, I couldn't find them ^_^*

DigitalDuck responds:

Thanks for the very constructive criticism!

I'm still learning EQ - I think I've done better here than I have in my other mixes, but I've still got a long way to go. I wanted to keep the feeling of the original because... well, because the original had a good feeling. I'm glad you liked that.

Those three were in there, but there are indeed still four others...


Wait, you're Rexy? I played your Sky Sanctuary arrangement for my GCSE music performance exam (among other pieces). You're awesome.

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